Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is my blog and i WILL take a stand and be an example for those who are hiding or ignoring abuse.
Abuse is NEVER ok. No matter how close you are to that person. You should never ignore it.

I came across this blog post over at my baby you'll be. It was on abuse and i had this overwhelming feeling to say something about my experiences with it.

I always have people email me about the things that i blog about touches them or gives them courage or empowers them to do things. And that is why i blog and i need to stay true to that. Also this is MY blog. MY journal. MY therapy. so i will post what i want.

dont be mad at ME for YOUR choices.
that is a general statement to anyone, not one specific person
so if the whole world wants to sick lawyers on me..
then bring it on lol

Anyway. For quite some time/years, i witnessed alot of verbal abuse. The verbal abuse eventually got worse and turned into some physical abuse.  (yea i left out the dirty details)

I never said anything. How horrible is that?? I kept telling myself "mind your business" "its not your place" and i never did anything. Till i eventually just avoided the situations all together.

What if everyone did this. What about all the cases in the world where simple "loss of your temper" turned into the death of someone. Most of these situations could have been avoided if the abusers only got help or if someone had the courage to get them help or say something to them.

Just like any other abuse whether it be alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or abuse in general, most abusers are in denial that they have a problem. They will blame everyone but themselves. Ever sense i was really young i experienced abuse situations (not with me) and that is what ive noticed. Its NEVER a problem, they dont need help. And until they can admit they have a problem or need help they will not heal or seek help. When i first met my husband he had some drug abuse issues that i didnt know about. He went to jail (thats how i found out) and he KNEW he had a problem. He WANTED to change for not only me, but more importantly, himself. He is now 5 years clean. I have ALWAYS been one to stick by people that are close to me and try to help them out. And if that means me pointing out that that person has a problem then so be it. If that opens their eyes and makes them change then my work is done. Mission accomplished.

I know im a good person and do things from the bottom of my heart and with the right intentions. And thats ALL that matters. One day all my efforts will be rewarded.

So i encourage anyone who has or is dealing with abuse in any way shape or form to take a stand and not put up with it!
 Say something, do something, seek help or give help. Dont take silence to such a horrible subject.

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