Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Worless{ish} Wednesdays: 2 Steps forward, 5 steps back..

What is that??
oh its just my gangster baby.......

So im not doing vlogging wednesdays this week cuz well...i dont know "how to" do anything cool or worth anyone learning. Plus im just REALLY not in the mood. Im forcing myself to even blog this week. I just cant seem to escape this slump im in........

I feel like i took 2 steps forward and 5 steps back. Just when i was feeling on the up i get hit with more stress. This last month has just been bad.

I find out i have a thyroid problem and that im pregnant. Then i find out a really good friend of mine lost her son who was only a year old. After several weeks and working out and eating right Nothing was changing with loosing weight which my thyroid medication was supposed to be helping with that. I hear its a rollercoaster ride trying to figure out your right dosage. Then i loose my baby at 10 weeks. Just when i start feeling better i go to work Monday get stuck with a dirty needle. So i have to go get a urine test done. Come back to work BARELLY have time to eat dinner, then work with someone who stresses me out to the MAX cuz they are VERY LITTLE help and make me fall way behind. I went home that day bawling from all the stress. I couldnt handle it. The following day i go get blood drawn for the needle stick, go straight from there to go get MORE blood drawn for my miscarriage (they have to draw my blood to specially make my RhoGam shot), then 2 hours head back to get my RhoGam shot. I couldnt help but feel like i was being tortured. I just wanted this nightmare to all be over so i could move on. I was so physically and emotionally drained yesterday. I just wanted to sleep the rest of the night.

Im just at the point where im getting fed up that i cant catch a break. I need a vaccation or something. But i think that im finally done with all the poking and prodding and can finally get back to working on my thyroid issue and hope things start looking up..

I know im strong and will get through this just having a rough patch in my life

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