Tuesday, March 1, 2011

weight "loss" update

read my weight loss tab for the full story

Overview. I buckled down and started a steady workout plan. I kept a journal of every time i worked out, what i ate (for a few weeks) counted calories (for a few weeks) etc. After a month, i went on a stricter (is that a word) diet and upped my workout. After another month i upped my workout again (working out 5-6 days a week). I NEVER LOST ANY WEIGHT OR INCHES. After i kept working at it just WAITING for the weight loss to kick in but it never came. The only thing that kept me motivated was taking pictures and seeing i was more toned.

Before you tell me, oh its muscle, keep in mind im 30 pounds over my ideal weight for my height. So yea i might be building muscle but i should have lost SOMETHING by 3 months.

So here i am, 3 months later, and still not ONE pound lost.

Well on Thursday, when i got blood work done and found out i was FOR SURE prego, i had my thyroid checked. Friday i got the call. LOW AND BEHOLD, Christa has a thyroid issue! shocker right?? So i got put on medication (wont effect the baby). I started my meds Saturday.

I am going to continue my workout routine just might take it down a notch with being prego and all. obviously the belly is gonna be growing so im not looking to loose inches i just want to stay healthy. Ill keep you updated! So far (3 days on meds) ive lost 1 pound.. haha hey its SOMETHING, cant complain.

(really bloated lol)

So this is my.....update/first pregnancy belly pic haha. I know i look 4 months prego but NO im almost 2 months prego. ill be 7 weeks on thursday.

is it weird to feel movement already? like twitches?
maybe im just imagining things lol.
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