Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So my doctor's nurse called me today. They got the results for my first Hcg blood draw and according to my level i am 3 weeks along (im supposed to be 10 weeks tomorrow). So either im just not as far along as i should be (ovulated later than expected), and WHO knows why im bleeding.. OR i miscarried and my levels are already doing down and are now at the level a 3 week old fetus would be...

I go tomorrow for more blood work and test my HCG levels again. They should have doubled sense monday if i have a viable pregnancy.

Im pretty positive i have lost the baby cuz ive been bleeding and cramping alot but we will cross our fingers and hope for the best. I just dont want to get my hopes up.

its just hard knowing there was a fetal pole (actual baby, not just the sac). Last miscarriage the baby had stopped developing and my body was only discharging the sac...... im gonna loose it if i have to see my little baby bean :(

Sorry if thats TMI or if you think its inappropriate to talk about stuff like that but this is MY blog, MY journal and i am honest about my true feelings and things i go through....k thanks
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