Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trying to keep busy...

I swear these next two days are going to DRAG. I am trying to keep busy and edit pictures, work on my blog, fb, trying to start my photography plans, watch funny movies, just trying to keep the spirits up and keep my mind off things but its hard when i cramp so much... its like a constant reminder that im loosing my baby (if i am for sure). Braylee has been so sweet today. I dont know what i'd do without my husband. I swear i bleed the worst and have the worst sypmtoms at night when jeff is in bed. I sometimes loose it and go bawling to him and he is so good to me and sits up and comforts me and talks me through my break downs. Normally Jeff would just stay asleep and sleep talk to me if i ever wake him up lol.

Tonight was so cute though. We had just had dinner, i went to the bathroom and came out and was standing in the kitchen, Jeff could tell i was holding back tears, he came over and held me tight and of course i lost it. Braylee walked over and started yelling "stop it!" I asked if she was jealous and wanted in on the lovin and she said "ya!". So Jeff picked her up and continued hugging me, Braylee started rubbing my cheek and looking at me with the most concerning eyes (i swear those eyes looked into my soul). She then gave me the sweetest kiss, then gave daddy a kiss, then, me, then daddy, and continued this for like 5 minutes with rubbing my cheek and kissing us. She is such a sweetheart. She always knows when mommy is upset. I swear we have this crazy special bond :)

anyway, on to some catching up
 Braylee and Makaibree

 Makaibree catching dust lol

mmmmmmmmm cake :)

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