Monday, March 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday....

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items: Camera Phone, Camera, Shoes, Chair and Imperfection

Camera Phone:
i took this pic with my blackberry curve cuz i put up a missing sign on my facebook...but it turned out kind of cool

Nikon D3000

im obsessed with shoe pics,
this is my favorite

or a highchair :)

i took a pic of myself, because i am anything BUT perfect. Being a mommy you find that out QUICK. I often have messy hair, hang out in sweats and hoodies, rock my stunning zits (as you can see in these pics). And this is me at my worst, in the morning, just woke up, no makeup, its a gorgeous sight. And my mood is just as scary as i look :)

it'd mean alot :)
takes 2 clicks

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