Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pregnancy update :S

9 weeks :)

So on march 7th, we had just got back from vegas. I worked out that night, went to the bathroom after, and discovered i was bleeding. It wasnt very much but i panicked. I started bawling and went and told Jeff. I think i freaked him out, plus he was half asleep but after explaining it wasnt very much he reminded me that i bled at 7 weeks with Braylee too and that everything was ok. He told me to climb into bed and relax and tickled my back till he fell back asleep. I love that man.

Now the reason i panic so easily is because my blood type is RH- and Jeff is RH+. So basically if the baby has a  + blood type my body sees it as a virus or disease and tries to fight it off. That is why i miscarried our first baby.

Then last night i spotted again but this time it was even less and was old blood (sorry kinda gross). Ive also been really crampy. I remember being a little crampy with Bray but i dont remember being this uncomfortable. Needless to say, i am so anxious for my doc appt next week to make sure everything is ok. I just want to hear its heart beat or something...

anyway on to less depressing stuff...........

  • WEIGHT GAIN: So i havent gained any weight yet which is a big accomplishment for me cuz with Bray, by this time i had gained 10 pounds. Just for kicks i measured my belly and ive actually lost almost an inch. I dont feel as bloated as i did in my 7 weeks pic so i guess thats good 
  • CRAVINGS: no cravings, im just really enjoying spicy food (dont worry i dont eat much of it, i think i only have like twice).
  • HOW IM FEELING: i have not been sick. sometimes i get random nausea but it goes away. I dont pee any more than normal. the only difference is i have more of an appetite and want to eat more.
  • MOVEMENT: so ive been feeling alot of twitches and flutters. i thought maybe i was a crazy person but a few of my friends prego with their second baby said they felt movement at about this time too, i googled it and it said its VERY likely to feel movement now with the second pregnancy cuz you know what it feels like already and the baby's nervous system is developing and so the baby gets "shocks". from its developing nervous system. Kinda cool.
  • WORKOUT PLAN: im trying to not over do it for now so i do cardio once or twice a week on my excersise bike and i do weights maybe once a week. (only 5 pound weights).

So i guess so far so good...... i wouldnt even know i was pregnant if i hadnt taken a test but that fact actually worries me too. Ah i dont want to worry so much! The 24th cant come soon enough......
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