Sunday, March 20, 2011

Makaibree time :)

This is our little neighbor girl Makaibree that i babysit. I like to nap Braylee and Makaibree somewhat oposite so that i can give each of them "special time" (and it makes things easier for me someimes lol).  I think that Braylee and Makaibree are so close in age that they get jealous of my attention. Sometimes Makaibree will get upset if im holding Braylee and visa versa. I guess you can consider this practice for me having 2 kids :) They like to play together but as the day goes on they get more "needy" for my attention so this works out good.

Makaibree is so photogenic. i mean look at her. and she likes the camera, she laughs at it alot haha. Plus i like to practice my skills :) she is such a good sport

mmmmmmm :)

i LOVE when babies top teeth start to show when they smile :)
it makes me laugh

We sure do love our Makaibree :)

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