Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get fit get healthy challenge...week 1

So, i was focusing hard core on getting fit before i got pregnant but was going no where with my thyroid problem that i was unaware of. Then i found out about my thyroid at the same time i found out i was pregnant. I started some medication and continued to workout of a little. during the 5 weeks i was pregnant i didnt loose anything but i didnt gain anything either. But i didnt want to work out too hard in fear of hurting the baby. and now that i miscarried i am filled with questions. The biggest thing is, was it my thyroid issue or over weight issue?

So for now, i want to focus on getting healthy and fit and getting my thyroid under control (if possible) before we try again.

So im back on my workout wagon and linking up with shutter mama and the art of making a baby in their get fit get healthy challenge..


So for this week my fitness goals are to get back into the game! Slowly work back up to the level i was at 5 weeks ago. But i dont want to push too hard sense my body is still trying to heal and is still going through some hormonal changes...


this will never happen though.... thanks to motherhood lol
id look more like this

but ill take it! lol
maybe one day when i am done having kids and strike it rich i will get surgery for my skin

and here is my fatty self :)

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