Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blogs that i love...

So Chelsey @ the paper mama was doing this "blog lovin" thing and i wanted to jump in on it!

So first off, i have to give recognition to the one who got me into this blogger mommy world. And that would be Shawntae @a little king and i. I met her through a mutual friend and we became soul mates. its so weird how much alike we are. and that cant help but fall in love :)

My second fav is Sonya @{shutter} mama. This girls just has this beautiful soul. She is SUCH a sweetheart. We kinda have a love for each other's baby's :) Maia is too adorable. And WHAT a photographer she is :)

Then there is Kristy @the boy named after a car. What first got me loving her blog is her photos.. they are always so beautiful. Her son is adorable! isnt it funny that a big factor in liking a blog is their baby :)
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I recently found the blog nesting with niall. im very visual and she always has cute pictures

then we got amy from a good life. She is too nice and makes sure she checks back with blogs that follow her :) parker is TOOO cute

and the list goes on!

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