Monday, March 28, 2011

Another day stronger...

So yesterday was the first day that i feel like i am on the upside rather than the down. I still have my moments that i let myself get down but i try to think of other things and stay positive. I am basically focusing all that energy on getting healthy. Last night i did my cardio bike for the first time in over a week. And it was amazing. I woke up today feeling so much more alive and not so depressed.

Can i just tell how AMAZING my support system is?? I have THE best family and friends. I cant even express how appreciative i am for all the support. My husband has been my number one support and seriously is so amazing. My family members are so caring and every day would check to see how i was doing. I tear up just thinking about it. My close friends said the most sweet words of comfort and support. Our best friends (my wifey that i talk about), had their baby this week and STILL asked how i was doing. Them of all people had so much more on their minds and i would not have even been offended or sad if they didnt say a word about it cuz they were going through such a special time in their life but no, they STILL were caring. Ive even had people that dont even know me email me and say the sweetest things and words of support and such. I just cant believe how many people care and are so sweet. It truly has made a world of difference in getting through this and i just want each and every one of you know how you have impacted my life :) THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Ok on to some more catching up
(yes i am STILL catching up lol)

So the weekend before ST. Pattricks day we had a family bbq! I love getting together with my family. This day was so nice outside and it was a change of events for Utah weather so we took advantage of it and ate outside. I got some shots of the kids playing, they turned out pretty cute :)

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