Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/7/11---Vegas part3! (last one)


Ok and now for the depressing part of the trip..... going home :( Can i just tell you, once we got back to our hotel, i CRASHED out. I was out before whoever was in the shower was out. I slept sooo good that night, and so did Jeff and Bray. We woke up monday morning and ate breakfast, got ready, and packed up. We needed to be home for a birthday get together with the rest of the fam for my mom's birthday!

our view

my new sweater hubby bought me :)

last min tiny cake...we made it work

We had such a good time in Vegas! I love the environment. The atmosphere, the lights, the smells, the people, i just love it. This was Braylee's first time to vegas outside of the womb. We went February of 09, prego with Bray, and now we went March 2011, prego with this wee one in my womb now...i guess its tradition haha.

Happy Birthday mommy! 
You are one of the most amazing people i know!
Thank you for teaching us such good values and life lessons. 
You are amazing :)
love you mom!  

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