Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/6/11--VEGAS part2 (actual vegas)


So after playing outside our hotel, we hit the road for VIVAAAAA LAS VEGAS! (I hope you sang that out like i did :).

We arrived in Las vegas at about noon, and dropped the boys off at nascar. The rest of the crew went to the hotel. We stayed at the Excaliber at the end of the strip.

Our Hotel :)

By the time we got everything unloaded and taken up to our room and settled, there was only 50 laps left for Nascar (yea it took THAT long). So we just kinda hung out then my sister went to pick up the boys. I figured she'd be back in 30 min... 45 max. Yea like 2 hours later they were getting back. So me, my mom, and Bray went down at met up with everyone.

The plan was to eat dinner and walk the strip. Well it was like 6pm at this point and i wanted to eat QUICK and get to exploring the strip cuz i knew we most likely wouldnt walk the strip before we left Monday due to needing to get back to celebrate my mom's bday with the rest of the family

gotta love Vegas

Now lets take a short pause from my vegas stories to talk about this subject.... child safety harness, aka... THE BABY LEASH! lol DUN DUN DUN! So i was a little nervous going the a big city such as vegas with a VERY independent child who never wants to sit still. I was worried that she would get to ants in the stroller and might want to get out and walk. Well this little girl will NOT hold your hand when she walks. She has to do her own thing. So i purchased this cute little guy

Now i have gone almost 2 years with my child and have never used one of these (people say only lazy parents use these). Vegas is CROWDED and full of sketchy drunk people, i would have an anxiety attack with bray walking around not holding my hand. it takes 2 seconds. I know there are alot of negative feedback on these things but i got this anyway given the circumstances. 

She refused to wear it and did fine in the stroller but i felt better at least having it :)

So we headed to the food court area :)

After we ate we went to the M&M factory for the little girls :)

little bro Kyle, me, and big sister Becky

the boys...Jeff has an obsession with the green M&M
Then we hit the strip FOR REAL. 

The girls LOVED the Bellagio water show....

Ok so last story for now......

After we watched a few shows at the Bellagio we walked all the way to the end of the strip to watch the pirate show (which was close....wtf?? waaa!!!). So we headed back to our hotel clear on the other end of the strip... we were kinda almost to our hotel, it was about 8:30pm ish, i was walking behind jeff who was pushing bray when he walked past this young chick standing outside. She looked at Bray and had this nasty crusty on her face and she goes "who brings their baby to vegas??" You do not even know how badly i wanted to calmly walk by her and level her ace, not even saying a word...but i figured that with my current "condition" (prego) it would be in my best interest not to. BUT WOULDN'T THAT HAVE BEEN FUNNY! LOL.

So here is my question...is it really that bad of me that i am a responsible parent and take my baby with me on vacation instead of dump her off on someone for the weekend? Not EVERYONE goes to Vegas to be a drunken idiot. I mean isnt that why they have the circus circus hotel?? for kids.. and kids like the lions at MGM and the aquarium and m&m factory and the bellagio water show... i mean REALLY?? your gonna judge me for that? Now i could understand her saying that if i was at the bar with her or out gambling with her late at night or being out past 10pm with her but come on it was 8:30 and we were heading back to our hotel.. GET REAL. dumb B. ew. anyway....... part 3 coming soon!

TO BE CONTINUED..............

pretty please with a cherry on top!
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