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Mine is still being repaired but my AMAZING mother was kind enough to let me borrow hers till i get mine back! Yay for awesome mommies! :)

i feel SOOOO overwhellmed at this point with posts i need to post and blogs i need to stalk :) but were gonna take this one step at a time, starting with VEGAS BABY!

I took a TON of pics and have some things id like to discuss so i might post this trip in a few different posts :)
(pics from phone/crappy camera/and my nikon D3000)

Once upon a time, on March 5th, we grew a crazy bone and decided to take off for viva las vegas! I freaking love that city! My Brother in law got some free tickets to nascar and inivited my husband to take one of the tickets. My mothers birthday is on March 7th so we decided to make it a nascar birthday weekend!

But first...we started the day off celebrating my mommy's upcoming birthday! we went out to breakfast, then went to get pedicures and SHEEKEE TOES! sheekee toes are basically cool design sticker things that go on your toes for about 3 months till they come off! yay!
My sisters (minus yolanda)
Jessica, Tricia, me, and Becky
sisters and mommy!
yes, becky only has 9 toes..im pretty sure she is aware :)

We left Saturday around 2pm. We Drove to Hurricane Utah (right by St george). We did this cuz we are SMART. It was nascar weekend to hotels jack up the convenient hotel prices knowing people will pay them. But not us! we went 5 min out of our way and saved a TON of money! Braylee did pretty good on the drive. We were hoping she'd fall asleep due to skipping her nap but she had other plans lol. it took about 3 hours to get to Hurricane (i think).

We checked into our hotel, got all settled, and decided to go out to din din!
We went to Brick Oven and boy let me tell you! that was some good eatin! (crappy camera pics coming your way!)

(Mikes Brother and his fam)

After that we went back to the hotel and went to bed. Little did we know of the MISERABLE night to come!
It took Bray about 10 min to fall asleep but seemed like longer. Once she was asleep we all laid in the room listening the the THUMPING and JUMPING and RUNNING and constant squeeking like someone was rocking in a rocking chair, and running up and down the stairs and AHHHHHH! I think it was about 1am that it finally got quiet and i finally fell asleep. But i kept waking up cuz we were on a fold out couch that was so uncomfy and i was worried that bray was going to roll off the bed or something. It was super hot too...Bray woke up and was burning, so i got her nakey and she fell back asleep...i was praying it was almost morning but when i looked at the clock it was only 3am. WAAAAA! after that i think i slept alright till we woke up around 7am... Everyone got up and was getting ready and going to breakfast and Bray was just sleepin away!



After Breakfast my sister and her hubby and Kallee went with Mikes family to visit some other family that lived in Hurricane. So we finished packing up and getting ready and stuffed everything back into the suburban somehow and then played around outside to get some energy out. I busted out my Nikon :)

Me and my "little" brother Kyle
you can kinda see my sheekee toe! so fun! 

i know i was a bit obsessed with my new sheekee toes!

Once the others got back, we headed to VEGAS!

TO BE CONTINUED..........................

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