Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wifey's babyshower & Niece's bday!

So on February 5th (im getting closer to be updated on my blog! lol), i, Christa Ann, had a very busy day. Yes i did. My wife, miss Nikki Marie, was due for her BABY SHOWER! i love baby showers :). I went early to help set up and what not. Have i ever mention how much i love my wifey :)

we first went to pick up Nikki's mamasita and then went to get some BALLOONS! woot woot

then we went and

we are cool.

we are in love and you can just tell

so excited for my little snack size to arrive! :)
our daughter is going to be beautiful

After the shower i rushed on over to my sisters casa for my niece Kallee's 3rd bday! I cant belive she is already 3! Ive been babysitting her sense 6 weeks old and it seriously seems like she was just born!

she had been practicing on blowing out her birthday candle for like 2 weeks prior to her birthday.. She was so excited she started blowing out her candles before we were all finished singing her happy birthday and got so into it that she almost burned off her lips haha.


Then while we had the family together my mommy wanted to get some nice valentines day pics of all the girls. So i busted out the Nikon :)

FROM TOP: my mom, sister yolanda, sister jessica holding her youngest audrie, sister becky holding her daughter kallee, baby sister tricia holding jessicas middle child sammie, jessicas oldest cassie, then me holding my baby Bray :)

then we got just the kids...couldn't leave out the ONLY nephew!

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