Friday, February 25, 2011

ugh! sigh...........

So, in about October, 2010, me and jeff (mostly jeff lol) decided we were going to start working on a second little monster. :) Well, when we were trying to conceive Braylee, it took us almost a year.

Well this time around my period was supposed to come on Feb 16. i thought, hey, that'd be cool to find out im prego on valentines day the 14th (if i am). then we can say we found out we were prego with braylee on our anniversary, and this baby on valentines day which is our almost anniversary of dating. Well i took a first response test and it was negative. no question about it. So i was pretty bummed. And then i had to work and didnt get to see Jeff at all on valentines was just a bad day.

Well Feb 16th came, and the 17th, and the 18th, ect. So on tuesday, feb 22nd, i took another test (period 6 days late) and it was negative. Now when we were trying to get prego with Braylee this happened. my period would be 4 days late, negative test. then the next period it was 5 days late, next period a week late, negative tests.. then finally next period was prego with Bray. So i figured thats what was going on. I text jeff, told him the news...he was really bummed.

Well i went upstairs a couple hours later and decided to look at the test again... and this is what i found
a REALLY faint second line...

Jeff went crazy! he was soooooo happy! probablly told every person he saw that day lol.

I was super confused. i posted on FB to get some opinions and everyone got REALLY excited saying i was prego. But i didnt want me or anyone else getting excited cuz i was in denial.

i thought....its probably a faulty test cuz i found the faint positive 2 hours later
or i thought what if its one one those chemical pregnancies where only the sac grew and releases HCG, but for whatever reason the fetus stopped developing...

My blood type is RH-, B- to be exact. and jeff is A+. So what that means, is when i get pregnant, if the baby's blood type is positive, my immune system sees it as a disease or parasite and fights it off..

So i was MOSTLY worried that being a week late and having such a faint positive, i was miscarrying and my HCG levels were going down and thats why it was faint.

So my SWEET friend megan told me to come in to her work and take another urine test to find out for sure..
so i did and it was also REALLY faint positive.

I had an appt to get blood work done that thursday to have my thyroid checked (for why i had not lost one pound in 3 months and working out as hard as i did). Well i called and they said they'd check for pregnancy that day too through a blood test (most accurate) i had 2 days to fret over this..

Thursday morning i thought, why not, lets take that last test i have and see what it says..... i did so and found this......
the top test was the new one, the bottom was the one i took tuesday.
DEFINITELY darker line lol.

I went in the doctor....LONGEST visit ever! They drew my blood and said they would come back in with the results soon. I was waiting FOREVER!. They i started to panic. I heard a nurse right outside my door say "should i go tell her" and another nurse said "noo, not yet" in a concerned voice. i sat there preparing myself for bad news. No one came in. Then i heard my doctors voice and a nurse talking to him. the nurse said "this is what i kept getting" a pause "then she said, weird i know!" then she continued to say "i changed the settings and kept getting weird results". I was panicked. i was so sad to have to tell Jeff that something was wrong and that we werent having another baby yet. My doc immediately came in after that...look at me and said "CONGRATULATIONS" oh my goodness i almost passed out haha. ahhhhhhh!

Now i can finally get excited over this!
I'm 6 weeks,
Due October 20th, 2011

Now lets just PRAY i have a normal pregnancy. NO high blood pressure, NO swelling 5 times my size, NO freaking 60 pound weight gain due having to sit on the couch for 8 months (i got high blood pressure at 12 weeks). i want to continue working out at least 3 times a week, and have a happy healthy pregnancy. Also, with my blood type, lets hope for the best.........

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