Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SpRInG iS In tHe AiR!

I FREAKING LOVE THIS WEATHER WE HAVE BEEN HAVING!!! it is making me so excited for spring to get here (even though i know a huge snow storm is coming soon). its utah you cant expect anything more haha. Well we took advantage of the warm weather and took Braylee to the park..

fueling up :)

She was scared of swinging...

But was fine when daddy was holding her hand. She just wanted her daddy haha

yes, yes, that would be my husband on the left lol. i swear he refuses to grow up...and i love it :)

mr grumpy face...i made him get off the kid toys lol


 i love the mountains

She clearly DID NOT want to go home...sad day for miss bray. But trust me...we will play alot outside when its warm enough. So excited for spring. Not ready for summer yet though haha
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