Monday, February 28, 2011

Pretty Little Princess

Ok mommies with multiple kids....i need some input. In case you are still unawre, we just found out we are prego! But i find myself getting nervous. Ok so im gonna lay it all out there. dont judge me. Im worried Braylee is going to feel neglected. I dont want her to EVER feel alone or pushed to the side. She is such a daddy's girl but she is also a really big mama girl. I seriously love this girl with every inch of my heart. is it truelly possible to love another human as much as i love her? haha dont get me wrong here, OBVIOUSLY im going to love my next baby just as much.

Me and Braylee just have this special bond. I got REALLY attached to her when she was born with my "situation" that happened. She was my ONLY reason to go on with life. She was my sunshine through my darkest days...........

I know that you have a special bond with each child. You have your own special love for each baby. Im excited to meet this new little life and to see braylee be a big sister. it warms my heart just imaging it.

But Braylee you will ALWAYS be my tiny little pretty peanut princess :)
haha need i say anything more to this last pic?! She is so much fun. The light of my life.

Does that mean when i have two kids im gonna have 2 little headlights of my life?

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