Monday, February 21, 2011

Moody Monday

Last night i went to bed at 10:30, which is early for me. Today i just want to be lazy and moody. My head hurts, my boobs hurt, i havent been keeping up of my workout routine due to my low energy level, i have to work today and that alone can ruin my day. And i am tired of not knowing FOR SURE..tired of waiting, waiting for that retched aunt flow who is 5 days late. Now dont get too excited, this happened when trying to get pregnant with Bray, my period would be a week late with negative tests (which i took a test last monday and it was negative). Anywho....cheers to this poop day

helpin me clean the car

our sweet little next door neighbor girls. They are seriously so adorable and Jade is such a cute big sister to Baylie (who is a couple months older than bray)

NOT snow shoes lol

picking up snow and throwing it

sad cuz her fingers were frozed.

also.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SONYA from{shutter}mama!
such a sweet girl, i wish her the best birthday ever!

got a min? takes 2 clicks :)

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