Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heart day Fart day...

Normally i LOVE valentines day. Well i still do. Everything is pink and fluffy and lovey and hearts and flowers and i love it. I know that all the single people hate this day and some people think its cheesey and stupid. But i think its really important to have a day devoted to your loved one. A day to feel special and spoiled. Although you should be treating your loved one like that all year long its fun to have a holiday of it where millions of couples are all doing the same thing.

anywho, this valentines day sucked :( Me and jeff work opposite work schedules. Jeff works 4:30am till he is done, which is usually anywhere between 2pm-5pm. I work 1pm-9pm. Well Jeff goes to bed at 8pm because he gets up at 3:45am. So yea, the days i work, i dont see Jeff at all. Well i work mondays and valentines landed on a monday this year. So i was sad. I babysit my niece mondays too and so to occupy my sadness i took some cute pictures of the girls...

tea party! with love :) haha

So i went to work.... was really sad... Me and Jeff decided we would do our valentines day the next day so that made me a little happier. WELL, 9pm came rolling around and was driving home, made my facebook post about how this was the worst valentines day ever.. i get home.... walk in, and see this!

ahhhhhhhhhhh! i cried. i think mostly cuz he went ALL out. i mean that bear is HUGE haha. And anyone who knows jeff knows that he would not spend money on something like that because its silly


I had to go and wake him and to thank him and tell him i love him!

The following day was our REAL heart day.
we went out to dinner with our baby valentine :)

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