Tuesday, February 22, 2011

crazy girls :)

So on Friday (late post) i had the pleasure to babysit my wifey's nieces, Kayla and Mylo, for a couple hours :) These girls are WAY too adorable. I also had my niece Kallee like i normally do on fridays. I seriously had no time to facebook or text or anything cuz i was busy entertaining all these girls! It was too much fun! And they definately need to come over more often to entertain me

Kayla said Braylee was her baby :)

this day consisted of breakfasts and snack times and lunches and juice stops

We ran upstairs and played played played with the upstairs toys (and i got some laundry done :)

is she not adorable??! and gorgeous

busy girls

then we ran downstairs and played played played with the downstairs toys haha


haha she is WAY too cute. Has so much energy and questions and is SOO freaking smart.

These girls kept me busy busy and Kallee and Braylee were so thrilled to have some new friends play today!
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