Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cabin Fever

While Jeff had his two weeks off we seriously felt like our house was our prison! The weather had been pretty crappy so there wasnt much we could do outside. This day i decided to just get outside for 5 min. We bundled up the girls, got their hats and gloves on, and went outside. It was snowing a little and Braylee wasnt digging it (she seriously hates snow and rain unless she in isnide safe and warm, but she ESPECIALLY HATES THE WIND! I dont know what it is but it scares her bad haha) but Makaibree was LOVING it. She always goes crazy when we get outside, i can not wait for the summer when i can take them to the park and blow up our pool for them to play in :)!

i REALLY loved having Jeff around to help out with babysitting. It makes it so much easier with multiple kids. Props to all you single mommies with more than one kid! I do not know how you do it 24/7.

is she not the cutest little thing?! we just love her to peices. She has a bit of a crush on Jeff it is too adorable.

 Bray loves birds and our neighbors have a bird feeder so we always see birds


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