Thursday, February 17, 2011


beeeeeeeeeeeert bert bert beeeeeeeeeeeet! (those would be dirt bike sounds ladies and gents haha) can i get a woot woot! i seriously love dirt bikes. When i was like 13 i think, my sister invited me to go with her and her husband Mike to his dirt bike races. I FELL IN LOVE. I remember just being surrounded by dirt bikes..the constant sound of dirt bikes was so comforting to me. i would sit up on top of their rv listening to linkin park and was SOO into it. Now every time i hear that CD it makes me think of dirt bikes.

 anywho! The weather was so gorgeous on Sunday so the boys wanted to go riding. well i ALSO love taking pictures so when my hubby goes riding i love to tag along and be in around them dirt bikes and get some good shots :)

Sorry about the picture overload :)

my car's first time off roading :) i did so good lol

check that ring ladies ;)

Mike (bro in law) Jeff (my hubby) Caey (my wife's hubby)

i love that they have the same stance haha
fashion statement?? lol

Bro in law and my niece

playing with empty shot gun shells

such a great day :)
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