Thursday, February 24, 2011

Award for MEEEE???

So i have some exciting news!
i got nominated for an award today! how sweet is that?!
This sweet sweet girl Alysha gave me this award.
Im super excited about it cuz its my first blogger award!
does that make me nerdy that im so excited? well thats ok :) i accept myself

The rules of the Stylish Blogger Award are:
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
Share seven things about yourself.
Award seven recently discovered new blogs.
Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.

7 Things About ME:

  1.  I'm a gemini, and have WHITE personality. if you dont know what that means ill sum it up :) im the  PEACEMAKER. I hold things in to keep the peace and it comes out when im disrespected or pushed to my limit.
  2. I've recently gotten WAY into fitness and eating right. ive lost 60 pounds sense i had my daughter in 2009. I workout 3-6 days a week for the last 3 months and try different diets to loose those last inches. Im TRYING to work off that baby weight but its not working out too well. check out my weight loss tab at the top of my page for the full story :)
  3. ive donated my hair to locks of love 2 times sense 2006
  4. im a daddy's girl
  5. i have a deep addiction to the color PINK, victorias secret, and shoes/panties, and jersey shore haha
  6. i have played the piano sense i was 8. started playing the guitar at age 11 (NOT VERY GOOD BUT WORKING ON GETTING BETTER). I played the violin at one point in 6th grade :) i like to sing and dance.
  7. lastly, i have a new hobby with photography! i want to learn more, do more, take more!

Im pretty new to this "mommy blogger" world so i have recently discovered alot of awesome blogs,
but here are some of my most recent :)
Seven blogs I recently discovered that I am giving this award to:
  1. {shutter}mama
  2. the barefoot mommy
  3. aly's bloggity blog
  4. twisted fate photography
  5. jenni from the blog
  6. pretty little life
  7. our little lifesicle
  8. the sweetest life

i had to choose 8 :)

thanks so much alysha!

just a little somethin somethin :)
Bray coloring

we'd love you forever and ever!
takes 2 daily!
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