Friday, February 25, 2011

20 months

Seriously...were has the time gone?? in 4 months my baby will be 2 YEARS OLD! How did this happen?? . this has to be a joke!

Well miss Braylee, where do i begin? You have grown WAY too fast. You seriously bring so much joy to me and Daddy. We have never been happier. There are sooooooooooo many times where daddy and i just look at you and then look at each other and just smile, thats all we can do. 

you weigh 21 pounds
you are talking so good, ive lost track of how many words you say but ill give it a go.
you say:
Dad, daddy, dada, mom. mommy, mama, juice, bink (pronounced a bad word starting with a B lol), binki, kallee, ya, no, go away, dont, i did it, cat, dog, choo choo, plane, blankee, moo, car, ball, baby, boy, woman, stop it, book, want more, what, sippy, cereal, yogurt, orange, boo, bye, hi, later, said love you but only once. bird, out, caca (when something is gross) night, tickle, babe, thank you, no way, ouch, up, jump, help me,
and the list goes on....

your obsesses with your "first words" flash cards


You are sometimes a really picky eater, then other days i think you have a bottomless pit stomach.
you love yogurt, oranges,  bananas, grapes, (any fruit), LOVE water, juice, still drink pediasure to keep your weight up. chicken nuggets, LOVE noondles/pasta. just anything.

You have pretty much all your teeth
you like to sing and dance

you still have that dang binki (never really cared for it accept at night, but then when you got croup you got REALLY attached to that and your blankee. i should have taken it when i could! dang it lol)
(you like to take the cut ends and hold it to your nose lol)

you HATE the wind
love rain and snow

LOVE your lion cat named Bubba Baloo
love books

you like to "screech" when your mad
you like the throw temper tantrums
you hit and push
you like to yell and be loud
you throw things
you are very possessive of your favorite toys

BUT....even with all that bad stuff we still love you :)

You have so much personality. You are a thrill junkie (loves excitement and danger). Your laugh is contagious. your smile lights up the room. you like to be silly and play. You love baby dolls and changing their diapers :)

We love you so much Braylee Ann
you seriously are our entire WORLD
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