Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentines day!

I got a little excited for Valentines day and i wanted to do a little valentines day photo shoot :).
Jeff (my husband) hurt his knee at work and is out for 2 weeks while it heals (just a strain nothing major).
im LOVING life this week :)
next week on the other hand we might be ready to kill each other haha

The weather this day was unusually warm but it made for a perfect day for pictures.

The snow was pretty much ice from the sun melting the top layer and then the cold freezing it which made for some fun was like ice skating

look at bray's face! haha she was getting nervous cuz it was tipping

My husband acts like a 14 year old boy sometimes....
what can ya do?

i would just like to point out jeff doing the white boy over bite haha

walking to the park area

Happy Valentines day
in few weeks!! haha
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