Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes as mom's i think we forget about ourselves. We forget we should not only love and care for our children but also love and care for ourselves.

Take the time to get ready in the morning. Do your hair, put makeup on. Even if there is no reason to, it only makes you feel better about yourself. Do your nails, take bubble baths, exercises regularly, eat healthy.

If you neglect yourself you are essentially neglecting your family cuz you will get depressed if you are always a bum and your family deserves being around a happy mommy.

Do your best at keeping the house tidy. I realize kids favorite thing to do is make messes but if you add all these things together you can only imagine what your inner self feels like when your house is always a mess, your hair is a mess, you look like something that just crawled out of a gutter, your wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and your slowly gaining weight. Your slowly deteriorating and "letting yourself go" which will effect your relationship and family life. So even if it seems like such a pain to get ready... DO IT!

Now,  i guess i have some resolutions.
  • Be a better wife and mom
  • Get better at making meals/try new recipes
  • Continue my workout routine and never give up or get lazy
  • Have another baby and PRAY i have a normal pregnancy with no preeclampsia
  • Try my hardest to not get down on myself and accept my "new mommy body". and i dont mean accept being fat cuz its important to stay fit. I mean accept all the things i cant change.
  • Get better at photography
  • Be more crafty

This post is so got a little advice section, a little resolutions section, and now a little about me section :)......

Im 21, a Gemini and it totally fits me.
Im super shy, and super not.
im REALLY nice... BUT....i have the capabilities to be not so nice :) but that is rare.
i can be really quiet, and i can be really loud
really outgoing..and sometimes really closed off
i LOVE pink
im pretty dang girly
but then again im not
i LOVE motocross/dirt bikes
i love taking pictures
i take alot of myself too but it isnt in a "dang girl your so hot" type of way its more of a "hey i like the lighting right now or i wonder if this lighting will look cool" type of way lol
im very chill
hate drama
im WAY too forgiving
i dont hold grudges
i DO NOT judge
im very caring and put others before myself
i let people take advantage of me
i pretend to be stronger than i really am
i write poetry
i sing
i dance
i scrapbook occasionally but dont have the funds to get all into it
im addicted to facebook
im an entertainer
i have a good sense of humor
im OBSESSED with Victoria's Secret (especially their PINK line)
i love sweat pants and hoodies
i love the outdoors
im scared of the dark
im scared of being alone
i have trust issues with others, but im the most tryst WORTHY person you'll ever meet

and ill stop here cuz im sick of typing lol


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