Sunday, January 30, 2011

Schedule time?

So im really behind on blogging
its almost overwhelming.
I apologise in advance for the mass posts and possible confussion

So as i mentioned before Jeff is off work for 2 weeks due to a knee injury. Its seriously been great bonding and great spending time together :) Sometimes i feel like lazy bums but its ok :). I only work 2 days a week and so i know what its like to basically not work and it was a little challenging at first but i finally got Jeff to agree that we need to keep to a schedule even though we have no reason to. Sleeping in every day and going to bed early every night will make you feel depressed and worthless and tired all the time from getting too much sleep. So i had to force Jeff to stay up till 11pm or midnight and get up at 7am or 8am depending on which child was coming in the morning for me to babysit. That way we got enough sleep and didnt get too much and feel like crap. I felt like i was getting my second child on a schedule but it all worked out :). 3 days into it he got the idea and wasnt tired all the time. And let me tell you, its been so nice having the extra help with babysitting.

Tuesdays only Makaibree come to play. i usually have her from 8:15am till 5pm. I dont know what it is but they dont always get along haha. Maybe its the age difference but i think its mostly jealousy because Kaibree likes to be held and cuddled and Bray gets jealous. But this day they were so sweet to each other.

i had to get these moments of camera

she cracks me up


Later that night Bray successfully put on her shoes. She always plays with her shoes and tries to put her boots on but never gets them all the way on. This night she tried regular shoes and got it! She even got them on the right feet. Jeff was so impressed he took some pics of it

My baby girl is growing up way too fast.

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