Sunday, January 30, 2011

picture overload..

Wednesday my niece Kallee comes at 7:15am, and Kaibree come at 8:15am. It gets kinda tricky running 3 different routines and meal times and nap times but it works out pretty good. Kallee comes at 7:15, and we lay back down cuz she is usually pretty tired..also that way she can nap later for her mother. Makaibree comes at 8:15am and usually eats breakfast and plays. Braylee wakes up between 8:30am and 9:30am. She eats breakfast, i get her ready for the day, and she plays ect. Kallee gets up at about 9am, will eat breakfast, and i get her dressed. The 3 will play/fight/do their own thing. Then Kaibree has her snack and takes her nap at about 10am. I usually wait till Kaibree wakes up to put Bray down for her nap cuz the rooms are right next to each other and i dont want Bray to wake Kaibree up or Kaibree to wake Bray up but sometimes Bray just needs to nap before Kaibree is up due to whatever time Bray woke up and whatever time Kaibree needed to nap. But usually bray goes down for her nap at noon and Kaibree get up at about that time. Then i give Kaibree and Kallee lunch at around noon or noon thirty. My sister Becky come to pick Kallee up at about 1:15. It seems really crazy and it can be stressfull but as long as i stick to the routine it usually goes pretty good haha!

Bray going in for the kiss....

Rejected. This is one of those days where they just arent diggin each other lol

haha look at Brays face. This just explains their friendship..some days they love each other..some days..not so much lol.

After naps my fee fee came to play! Felicia just got a new camera for her bday and wanted to come test it out. Needless to say..we took alot of pictures this day :).

picking up the cereal. TEAM WORK!

Makaibree was so thrilled to go outside! You'd think she hadnt been outside in years haha.
She bolted down the side walk and was the crazy ball of energy. She was seriously out of control haha.

i ran after her and all the kids followed

heading back

She was SOOOOOOOO upset with me that i made her come inside to put a coat on. SHE WAS DEVASTATED! you dont even know the come apart that went down haha.

playing with snow

Jeff was the child wrangler haha

Kaibree isnt the most graceful of children :) She was so out of control and tumbling everywhere

After a little bit Jeff took Kaibree inside. She had taken a little too many tumbles in the snow and her little hands were getting frozed and her jeans were getting wet and we didnt want her to get sick. So she went inside (and was so upset). poor thing. Me and Fee took the girls over to the little play area.


We went inside. Kaibree went down for a nap and Bray and Rylee played

So Innocent :)

Bray telling "stop it" haha these two crack me up!

Bray has a thing for comforting while friends are in time out. Its kinda adorable.

Bray will wipe away friends tears...

Rylee pushing Bray in her doll stroller

Bray sat here like this watching UFC for like 5 minutes. Whenever UFC is on we always catch her watching it...which she rarely sits down and watches tv..
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