Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girls have ISSUES

I am just so thrown off on how girls think that being nothing but skin and bones is attractive and strive to look that way. I mean lets be for real here.... there is NOTHING attractive about a skeleton. So WHY do girls starve themselves to achieve this level of "skinny".

[pics taken from google]

yea i know that is the extreme side of "being skinny" but its never good enough. Girls strive for this rediculous level of skinny and usually always let it consume their life and take it too far.

The media and everything else in this world pressures girls to be skinny. To look a certain way. But girls take it WAY too far. I hear girls consumed with what they just ate, how to loose weight, what weight they want to be at, how fat they are, how they hate their tiny little bulge.

When does it stop??
the answer is it never does.

I think girls are so much more attractive when they are HEALTHY and TONED

Now of course i gave examples of the extremes of the two.. but seriously.. it isn't even a question as to which is more attractive.

To be healthy and look good and be attractive is hard work. Girls are always looking for the easy route. The get skinny quick route. Truth is there is no such thing. Being healthy and looking healthy is a life style. Its not about going on a diet for a few weeks or months, then going back to being lazy. You have to balance good nutrition, good foods, and being active/working out. You have to work hard for what you want in life. And starving yourself and striving to be overly skinny is just a waste of time cuz you are only making yourself sick and miserable.

If you want a toned healthy body you have to eat healthy and require proper nutrition. Lack of nutrition only eats at your muscles and slowly kills you.

stop being lazy and make your life style change.

What bothers me the most is that girls cant accept themselves for who they are. They are always comparing them self to someone else. "oh i wish i had her butt" "i wish i had her abs". You have to STOP! Your body is your body and you cant make it something that it isnt. So why go through life being unhappy and always wanting what you cant have. Be healthy, work out, and accept yourself for what it is.

I so badly wish i could get girls to grasp this concept of loving yourself and accepting yourself and just to be happy. Strive for what is healthy and make those life style changes. But be healthy.
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