Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A day in the life

  As i mention alot, i babysit my niece monday-friday (but now only Mon, Wed, Friday) and Makaibree, the little neighbor girl, tuesday-thursday. And then i work Monday and Friday and sometimes Saturday.

Im not gonna lie sometimes i feel pretty worthless only working 2 days a week or that people view me as lazy. I often get comments about how many pictures i take/put on facebook and what i get alot is "you have too much time on your hands" or "you need a hobby". It makes me feel so worthless. but when i realize what i do and how i help others it makes me feel better. i dont get paid to babysit nor do i want to but it really feels like a second job.

But during the day i find myself on facebook alot or blogging etc and thats when i feel worthless and lazy.. but its what i do to keep busy and occupied while all the babies play. Granted i am busy with feeding babies, diaper changes, napping, getting dressed, more diaper changes, more feeding, and more diaper changes i still seem to feel lazy.

 I rarely get ready cuz all the bedrooms are upstairs and one of the babies is always napping (i try to nap them opposite) and if i go upstairs the other kid will wake up the one sleeping. I only shower and workout at night after 8pm when Jeff and Bray are in bed. Thats the only time i get to myself.

So why do i feel worthless and lazy?? 
I barely get time to myself.
Maybe its cuz its hard to keep the house clean so its always messy and the fact i dont get ready that i feel lazy??

dont ask me why but i really enjoy taking pics of the babies playing.


Braylee and my niece Kallee

tea time


Braylee likes to join whoever is on time out
i find it adorable

Kallee doing Bray's hair

the photographer

I am so thankful for my husband and all his hard work for me to be able to only work 2 days a week and be home with my daughter. He is an amazing man and is so understanding. He comes home from a long day to his stressed out wife and listens to her vent about feeling worthless and makes me feel a million times better. He will take over dinner to let me take a bubble bath on the days i need it. i just love him.

And i love taking pictures, it is my hobby. so shut it. :)

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