Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daddy daughter time

Jeff is such a good daddy. Jeff isnt a paper pusher, doesnt sit or stand at a desk all day, doesnt flip burgers, etc. He works long hard days that are very strenuous. He gets up at 3:45am and is to work by 4:30am, is constantly lifting and throwing cases of soda (which arent light), and gets home between 2-7pm. yes that would make a 14 hour day. Not that desk jobs and such are bad AT ALL.

 But it makes it THAT much more admirable that he still comes home and finds some energy to play with Braylee and change diapers and give her dinner, helps with the dishes and cleans up without me even asking. And he always sticks to our routine and runs bath time and puts her to bed. I think its important for daddy to be a part of the daily routine and get bonding time.

Yes this is Braylee in a doll stroller lol
dont mind my messy was a long day with 3 kids

Bahaha dont mind her crazy eye brows... much have got some juice in them or something haha.
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