Monday, January 24, 2011

My Day Off :)....

Thursday is like "my day off". Thrusday is the only day during the week that i dont work or babysit. So like every other day... we wake up, get a sippy of pediasure (Bray is miss skinny minnie and needs the extra nutrition) and drink that while mom makes breakfast. Or she follows me around wining for me to put her in her high chair for breakfast. We usually eat oatmeal or cereal, cheerios with bananas to be exact. But some days we mix it up and have wheat toast with nutella, pancakes and sausage, yogurt, etc.

and if its a monday-thursday, we throw in multiple kids with different arrival times, breakfast routines and nap times. it gets crazy around here but if i stick to a general routine i can time things right and keep the craziness to a minimum

but thats besides the point :)

Well this day.... we already ate breakfast but for some reason bray was still wining for me to put her in her high chair. So i did.

she just wanted to sit there and chill. watching tv (which she never just sits down and watches tv)

haha what a goof.

A little bit later we went outside to get some energy out before our nap!
Felicia stopped by to visit (and to die with me doing Jillian Michaels "no more trouble zones")
Fee was a good help in getting Bray's energy out lol

her hair is getting so long

We laid Bray down and after killing ourselves working our butts off..i showered and after Bray's nap we met up with the wifey for a late lunch and some shopping :)

Bray was so interested in Nikki's was too adorable

i absolutely LOVE this last picture :)
Bray kept poking nik's belly button that pokes out..nikki is very squeemish about her belly button being touched..i LOVE this pic :)

What an eventful day off! :)

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