Tuesday, January 4, 2011

:: Bringing In The NEW YEAR! ::

I can not believe another year has gone by! This year went by so super fast!
I know that 2010 had a lot of hard times due to the economy and so forth but we were fortunate enough to both have jobs still and not be effected too much by this depression. We are very blessed. We had good health and just had an awesome year! We have so much to be thankful for like our AMAZING family and friends! I seriously do not know what i would do with out them. We keep our circle of friends small but i can honestly say i have THE most amazing friends surrounding me who support us and make life so fulfilling and joyful. Thank you so much guys!

So Normally we bring in the new year just alone at our house so that braylee can go to bed like normal and then we get her up to watch the ball drop. Last year me and jeff played the wii.. although it was fun and perfect for our little family, i like bringing in the new year with all the ones we love most. Unfortunately all the family and friends get busy with their own plans, family, and friends so its impossible to get EVERYONE together but this year was perfect. We got to bring it in with my wifey and her parents. 
wifey and me

oh husband of mine...... lol

I lost my regular camera...
and its hard to take a pic of yourself with a huge 50 pound camera lol.
 But we rocked it.

Bray and uncle casey (nikki's hubby)

While waiting for midnight we played this board game called "would you rather". In this game you have to do challenges in order to make it to the next level. Well for this callenge nikki's mom had to switch socks with nikki.. and nikki's socks were STANK! haha Nikki made sure to made everone smell them. lol i love her.

This is nik's mom saying "ewwwwwwww they're soggy!!!"

This challenge casey had to have goof written on his head and keep his mouth open as wide as possible for 2 full turns lol. what a goof bahaha
Then it was time! we got bray up and waited for the ball to drop!

BRAY GETS THE FIRST KISS! she wasnt thrilled with being woke up lol

Then mom and dad

loves for snikker bum!

Nik's mom and dad...so tender

Dance party??

awww... nik is almost 30 weeks prego :)

Bray loves her auntie and uncle


We are in love

Jeff got a little camera happy.........
but we so rocked it :)

i can not even express how much i love her! haha we complete each other.

GOOD BYE 2010!

HELLO 2011!!

maybe a new sibling for bray?? :)
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