Friday, January 14, 2011

Braylee's first ER visit :(

So on Saturday Braylee was starting to get sick. I was hoping it was just a cold but my niece had just gotten croup so i knew it was a big possibility that Bray might be getting croup. She was fine all day. Well Sunday came and she woke up really raspy and had a little cough. Nothing you wouldnt expect from a common cold. Well as the day progressed the raspyness and cough got worse. I started questioning croup and was watching it like a hawk hoping she wouldnt get it.

Well sunday night.. bathed her and laid her down. I had the monitor up really loud cuz i was worried about her. Then it happened... the cough that you cant deny, the CROUP COUGH. She started fussing and her throat sounded so sore and raspy, the crying made her cough more. It sounded like she was starting to panic so i ran in there and picked her up, she started coughing more and more like she was struggling to breathe, then she puked and started choking on her puke. I PANICKED in a calm way and started to finger sweep the puke out of her throat while yelling for jeff who was in bed. She immediately got it under control after that but was struggling to breath with the croup. I continued to try to calm her down and had her breath in the humidifier while jeff ran around gathering stuff to take her to the ER.
Once she was calm we were debating on whether we really should take her or if we were just being paranoid parents. Then i realized she had a fever so i gave her some Tylenol and after 30 minutes it just wasn't coming down so we decided to take her. Better safe than sorry.

After waiting for 2 freaking hours the doc evaluated her and said she needed a steroid shot which would help her get over the croup sooner, and was borderline needing a nebulizer breathing treatment which was immediate help but only lasts 6 hours. But then we would have to stay another 2 hours and by this time it was already 2am and jeff gets up at 4am for work. Because Braylee was fine while calm and the doc gave us the ok to not have the breathing treatment we just got the shot and headed home.
Braylee did fine that night and didnt cough once... i think being out in the cold air is really was helped her the most
 At the ER braylee got a bear, a fish toy, and a nifty bracelet that she hated and wanted off. To keep her occupied she read her book, chewed on her Tylenol cup, and played with her thermometer.

My poor little princess was so sick Monday. She didnt cough much but you could just see that she was miserable. All she wanted to do was cuddle on the couch with mom.

My poor baby never gets sick....i hate when she is.


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