Tuesday, December 21, 2010

:: this last weekend ::

Im a little behind on blogging so i will just do"clump" blog post and keep it short.

This is braylee wanting to change her diaper


Braylee picked out my shoes....

 My fee fee and the fam came to have a sleepover! Yes i am 21, married, AND a mommy and we still have sleepovers :) WE WILL NEVER GROW UP! :) i was working and felicia text me and said they were coming to sleep over! I was having a bad day at work and got so happy! i got off work at 9 and came home to yummy pizza and our friends! Bray was already in bed but ry ry was still up :) We worked on some christmas cards, played some wii...ya know...normal married with kids stuff haha!
I couldnt find my camera so this was the only pic we got but i have to tell you about the picture that i missed due to loosing my camera that night haha. Well we have an extra bedroom with a very small not comfy futon in it so we blew up our king size mattress in the living room for nick and fee to sleep on..well Nick and Jeff had gotten up early that day for work so Nick crashed out and jeff decided to be a jerk face and jump on the mattress to wake him up... ha ha funny funny, well jeff and nick both crashed out and they were like all snuggled haha! too funny i tried to get a pic but jeff woke up while i was looking for the camera haha. Those two are a hoot. Oh and i must add...we woke up and had german pancakes! (nick and Felicia's first time) and it was bomb diggity :)

Then saturday morning we met up with my mom and sister to get braylee's christmas pics done (i am so excited to get them and will be showing you them when i do!)
Afterward we got a quick lunch and the girls played, then i was off to work at 1 again!

Such an eventful weekend haha.
and this week/weekend will be just as eventful with Christmas coming on saturday!!
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