Sunday, December 26, 2010

:: Snowed in ::

ok so not literally snowed in..
but i have this crazy friend named Felicia whom i love haha,
 and one day, she wanted to have another sleep over,
in the middle of the week might i add :)

we do:)

So Fee, Nick and Rylee came to sleep over on tuesday night. Me and Fee went on an adventure to K-mart and found some AWESOME socks.. (will see a pic later on)

When we got back all the parking spots were taken up so we PLOWED through some snow and made a spot haha. i almost peed my pants.

Snow was big

Our awesome socks i was tellin you froggies and fee's penguins
Nick and Jeff are special


Then wednesday me and fee decided to be lazy bums..make yummy food was great

then later took the girls out to play in the snow

Best friends

Braylee is scared of the train


Such a great day
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