Thursday, December 9, 2010

:: HELP ME!!!!!!!::

So a while back.... i did a post on my weight loss. After high school i gained about 20 pounds (which was probably a good thing) and then during pregnancy i gained about 60 pounds. Most of that was water weight due to high blood pressure.

Anyway, after Braylee i lost 60 pounds in less than a year by just watching what i ate, slowly became more active, then i did p90x and the hcg diet. Just from the hcg i lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks.
well i made all this public to hopefully embarrass myself and motivate me even more to keep working hard to get back into shape.

So this is where i need your help!

I kid you not here.... for the last 3 weeks, i have worked out intensely (not just "oh yea i did some crunches") 5-6 days a week. The first week i worked out twice a day to kick off my new work out craze. my workouts consist of 30 min of cardio on my exercises bike, like dripping sweat cardio. Some days i add weight training too. Or i will do Jillian Michael's yoga meltdown which is yoga that makes you sweat like a mother. it claims you'll loose up to 5 pounds a week. Some days i do turbo jam, which is aerobics mixed with kickboxing, dance, and martial arts. Sometimes Pilate's. i never work out less than 30 minutes. Basically i mix up my workouts so my body doesn't get used to the same thing. I am not eating rabbit food but i am watching what i eat, i figure where im working out as much as i am i dont need to live off salad.


Not one.
i even measured my body, i have not lost one inch either. not even a cm.
So its not like im gaining muscle but loosing fat.

Now i am going on my 4th week and i am getting SOOOO frustrated i want to give up.
i googled proper calorie intake for my age and so forth and i am supposed to be consuming like 3,000 cals a day. even if i wasn't working out, my body burns that many cals just by breathing and my heart beating ect. So if im working out, id loose weight right......... guess not.

So for a few days i ate like i normally do and read labels and measured everything i ate and counted my MOST, i eat about 1,500-2,000 AT MOST, generally i eat about 1,200... im not even coming close to 3,000 calories...........SO WHY THE EFF AM I NOT LOOSING! its not like its going so slow that its annoying...its that im going absolutely NO WHERE!

I hear that if you dont eat as many calories as your supposed to you can gain weight, but im not eating any differently then i have before and ive lost weight before with just working out.. so whats different now??

do i need to eat more caloris?
do i need to eat fewer calories?
and im not stupid i know about good and bad calories.
i know how to eat healthy.

i drink water...
i try to avoid soda,
even juice sometimes
some days i stick to only water

i am just sooo confused right now and frustrated im about to do away with eating and working out all together. why work so hard to get NOOOOOO results.

id rather sit on my A and do nothing and just wither away lol


Someone PLEASE help me!
any advice.

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