Sunday, December 5, 2010


So.... 2 years ago, i got invited to this Halloween party through a mutual friend.
Thus began a blossoming beautiful friendship! :)
Shawntae is such a hoot and we have so much in common.
Well we live about 30 minutes apart (which isn't bad at all! what is wrong with us!?) and so we hardly see each other but we make sure to make it to special events like birthdays!

I cant believe baby king is already one!
 i literally remember him being born like yesterday!
his bday party was such a success he is a truly loved little boy.
He had some pretty cute decorations might i add :)

kingston likes bray :)

i made sure to steal baby trinity as soon as Ashley arrived :)

too adorable

king, shawn, me, and trinity

me and ash

all the ladies! Ashley, shawntae, Felicia and me with all our kidies!!
we shall call us...the milf club :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING! next birthday is.... LYRIK! (well kid birthday) dang thats not till may.
it better not be till may that i see you girls again :(
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