Wednesday, December 29, 2010

:: Christmas Eve ::

So on Christmas eve i went into work at 1 and thankfully got off work early at 7pm.
I wasnt sure when i would see my wifey to give her and casey their gifts from me and Jeff so we decided to do it Christmas eve!

Nikki and Casey were spending Christmas eve at Nikki's mama's house so we drove to Payson so visit :)

This is Bray opening her gift from Casey and Nikki
she loved it

Jeff is super excited about his chain guide for his dirt bike haha

Nikki...25 ish weeks..she is so tiny!
and giddy about her presents

Nikki's mom is so sweet..
Bray loved playing with all the little christmas toys

nik being santa

Its tradition to spend the night at my mom's house on Christmas eve but it got kinda late and Payson is so far away from Pleasant Grove. We still had gifts to wrap, and Jeff's truck was out of commission and there was no way we could fit all our presents in our car. Plus Bray isnt good at sleeping when she isnt in her crib. So we didnt sleepover. I was super sad and set my alarm to get up early and do a few presents at our house then take the rest to my moms but we didnt make it in time :(. We will shoot for next year i guess.
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