Thursday, December 30, 2010

:: cHrIStMaS 2010! ::

So we usually spend the night at my el mama sita's casa (i know its LA but i like el :)
But this year we stayed home.
Braylee was so shocked that we were letting her touch the presents that she took the opportunity and went after the ornaments too... what a little stink.

So this is our "BEFORE SANTA" pic

and this is our "AFTER SANTA" :)
I was so excited to play santa this year

after this gift...she didnt care for the rest haha. she just wanted to play with her princess piano

So we let braylee open some of her presents and me and jeff opened our gifts (i got a new camera...SUPER stoked) Then we headed to my mom's and had our Christmas breakfast and our sibling gift exchange.

apparently Braylee really loves barbies...

playing with papa

my little sister and brother

"Families are Forever"

Jeff sleeping...surprise surprise

new outfit from Santa/Nana
This is Jeff's etchy-sketch drawing of his neon jump starting his dodge that has a dead battery lol. Have i ever mentioned im raising two children here? lol

Braylee share with uncle Reubz!

Family time is the best time

Then we went to visit Jeff's mom. Jeff's brother and his family live out in Vernal now so we arent doing the gift exchange for his family till after new year when they are in town. But we wanted to give Jeff's mom her gift and visit her. She just got diagnosed with breast cancer and recently had surgery to remove the lump. Luckily it hadnt spread to her lymph nodes which is really good. But due to how fast the tumor was growing she will still undergo Chemo and Radiation instead of just radiation. Tammy is such a strong amazing person and we all love her :)

Then we went over to Jeff's Grandma's house where some of the cousins were there also :)

Thanks great grandma cox! Braylee loves her chicken dancing elmo :)

Bray loves doggies

G-ma and G-pa Cox


Snot bubble!
yes i busted out the camera for it :)

Fog driving home

What in the world happened to my house! lol

Thats right....

Bray's first car and her favorite present.
She rolled it 3 times....Should i be worried?? haha

We had SUCH a great and busy Christmas this year!
Cant wait for New Years!
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