Thursday, December 23, 2010

:: Big Brother's Birthday! ::

So My big brother's birthday was on December 20th
but as do most of our family's birthdays go...
they last about 3 days :)

So on saturday we had a surprise birthday party for Reuben but i wasn't able to attend where i was at work :( Have i ever mentioned how frustrated i am with my job?? Dont get me wrong i am very thankful i have a job and i LOVE what i do and who i work for (the residents and UAPS/Nurses) but the company itself is just being really ridiculous and unfair. ANYWAY. random vent.
So was not able to attend but Jeff and Bray made it :)

Then on Sunday we had another party for him with cake and dinner and lots of fun!

 My nephew Landan and big brother Reuben
singing happy birthday
 Landan helped blow out the candles
 Me and Jeff haha

 Awesome cake.
 I want the same one for my birthday.
in june.


Happy Birthday Reuben!!!
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