Monday, December 20, 2010

Amish Friendship Bread!

So mom is the best cook in the world.
With this Christmas season my mom is ALWAYS making yummy treats.

Well my mom made this Amish friendship bread and if you dont know what that is, basically it takes about 9 days to make because you dont use yeast id assume :)
You keep the batter in a big zip lock baggy, and let it sit!
easy right!

well day 2-5 you just mush the bag every so often
day 6, you add some ingredients
(itd be pointless to tell the the ingredients cuz i dont know how to start the batter)
day 7-9 you mush the bag,
and day 10 is the big day!!

You add all of the rest of the ingredients
but you only add some ingredients and from that you start 4 new baggies to give to 3 friends for them to start their own amish bread! and you keep one for yourself.
See how it works??
it just keeps going!
fun huh!

then you continue to add the rest of the ingredients and cook the bread!

 Then they come out all yummy like :)
in a nut shell... there is sugar, cinnamon, vanilla & or lemon pudding involved,
and i added chocolate chips to mine :)

did you just die??
well you should have...cuz this bread is the

you know its done when it pulls away from the sides



While baking this my house smelled so yummy and it brought back so many memories of baking with my mom while growing up. I love my mom and love being a mom! im so excited to pass down and make all these memories with my daughter :)
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