Sunday, November 28, 2010


Can i just tell you how excited i was for this day!? My mom makes THE BEST food. I made sure i got a good workout before and after cuz i knew the food was going to be delish and that i was eating it all :)

This year we did my family dinner earlier so that the in laws could have a normal time thanksgiving dinner

you dont even know how yummy....

bray eating her thanksgiving din din

the fam! minus my sister yolanda, her husband, and her son landan

My niece Kallee was pretty quiet...turns out she was having art time on my mom's walls haha. it was funny but her dad wasn't too happy.

jeff sleeping after he stuffed himself

Braylee wanted to ride this horse so bad even though it was out on the deck and frozen lol

hangin out in the toy room

After we ate we have a tradition where we go out and get a Christmas tree! We missed out this year as we needed to head to the in laws but i hear its the biggest tree yet!

So when we got to the in laws we wanted to get pics done before the kids got all dirty from the dinner. Braylee hadnt napped all day and i was soo surprised she wasn't crying in all the pictures.
its difficult to get 6 kids age 6 and under to all be smiling and looking at the camera but i think we did pretty good!

This year was amazing!
it keeps getting better and better :)
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