Friday, November 5, 2010

:: kisses & pizza for ME?!::

These two little girls are so adorable and love giving kisses!
Baby Preslie is a month and a half younger than Bray. I love Braylee having such close in age baby friends!
And i kinda enjoy her mom too :)
I have known her for 3 years. We met right around the time i got married and all my friends disappeared. Funny how that works. She was our bright sunshiny crazy ball of energy friend that helped us up when we were down about being a lonely newly wed couple with no friends haha. THANKS BAY!

The other day we took the girls to make some pizza!!

dont mind all my crappy phones camera is currently out of commission :(

Bailie and Preslie 

Holding hands :)
:) they wouldn't stop giving kisses
yum :)
playing "copy bay" haha


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