Tuesday, November 2, 2010

::HaLlOwEeN 2010::

So our Halloween started Friday, Oct 29th. We got invited by our friends Nick and Felicia to go to Felicia's dad's Halloween party! We were pretty excited to take the girls and show off their cute costumes!

Aren't they just the cutest?!

 Felicia, Braylee, me, and Rylee
 me and hubby jeff haha..he was a nurse? and i was an 80's dancer?? haha very last minute costumes

 they were scared of the goat man lol
the culprit

Thanks so much for the invite guys! It was fun to get out and play some horseshoe, laugh, eat, good times :)

Then on Saturday, Oct 30th we celebrated Halloween!! haha (i live in Utah...you cant have holidays on a Sunday haha). So i live in a condo complex thing which is nice cuz you hit a door every 5 ft, easy trick or treating right??. Well at 5:00pm we go next door...Braylee gets a sucker...the next 2 doors dont answer. We go across the street to our friend Dave and Chelsea's house and it was starting to rain. They didn't answer either but in the 10 seconds of standing there it was HAILING BAD!!! We tried to wait for it to calm down but it wouldn't...so we booked it! Oh boy...did that hail hurt! It was like cutting our faces! (not really but it felt like it).

The pile of hail from the rain gutter formed in like 2 minutes
HOW SAD! she just wanted to trick or treat :(

The storm soon cleared up and daddy took bray to a few houses while i stayed home to pass out candy..our doorbell was non stop haha.

Happy Halloween!!!
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