Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 19!

(it took me 45 minutes to post this...i kept deleting then adding then deleting but...its 30 days of TRUTH, i cant delete what i think is controversial or be scared of how peope are going to react. its me. love me or leave me. hmmmm im so getting that tatted on my chest. lol jk.)

What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Well sense i know NOTHING on politics..i will post on religion.
Now sorry if i make this post hefty...i could talk for hours on it
and sorry if i offend anyone..ill try to keep it calm and cool.

I wasn't gonna say what religion i am because when ever the word MORMON or LDS comes up... the hate words follow. seriously everyone who isn't lds or has become inactive they always have so much crap to talk. And i cant be a hypocrite ive had my words too but i only talk about the ignorant people in the religion and what i dont understand. But you cant judge the religion because of stupid ignorant people.

Anywho.....whatever religion you are, i think it is VERY important to stay connected to your religion. I dont understand how anyone can go through life, see all the world wonders, see miracles happen, GIVE BIRTH TO A CHILD, and still not believe in a God. it just boggles my mind.

ok now here is where i am about to make some people mad lol. I also kinda dont believe that there is ONE TRUE religion. hang in there with me. Do you really think that if you are Catholic, that when you die...your gonna get to those pearly gates and God is gonna say "oh.....sorry....how unfortunate for you. You lived your life serving me and did that to the fullest, but.....you werent lds.....off to hell for you! better luck next time sucka!." lol i mean come on.

Dont get me wrong....i am LDS and am proud of it. I just am confused about alot but am working on getting educated. i realize there is so much that i dont understand. i have had so many experiences that there is NO WAY i could ever deny there is a God. I love the LDS religion and everything it stands for. Yea there alot of guidelines but its nothing that a nutritionist or doctor wouldnt say different. Its all guidelines on being healthy.

There are alot of ignorant people in this religion, yes, but i try to look past the ignorance and try to just live my life to the fullest. I think over the millions of years that religion has existed that alot of things get twisted and people are always going to be ignorant.

Anyway....talk all the crap you want...it doesn't phase me. I know there is ALOT to argue and Prove but why does it matter?? if you dont understand the religion, haven't experienced it, havent researched it, havent even tried to understand it, then shut the eff up about it cuz you have NO room to talk. Green eggs and ham yo! you gotta try it before you can say you dont like it haha.

 I dont tear you down every time you talk about your religion or non religion...so you can shut up about mine.
thats all im sayin
have some respect.

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