Thursday, November 4, 2010

::Day 15!::

 Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it...........

That would be my cellular device and facebook.
ive tried.
doesn't fly :) My husband. Ive never tried living without Braylee so i cant put her down haha. I have tried to live without Jeff MANY times. I have been with him sense i was 16 and we had MANY odds against us being together, including being young and "needing" to date. We tried many times but dated just didn't feel right...we were soul mates haha. We fought alot too being young and immature. Anywho.....yea, being apart never worked out and it never will :)

Also my best friends. we have all had little spats i guess that has separated us at one point or another and i just cant live without them. You learn to accept each others flaws and love the good points even more cuz nothing is worth loosing them. Not to mention my little babies! All my friends mean the world to me! They always bring me up when im down and say the sweetest things. (ps Ashley and Shawntae move to Utah county!  lol).

When ever there are little spats in any of my friendships....everyone always says "i just wouldn't even bother with her" "why do you even try" "i would never let someone like that in my life". seriously everyone says or has said that about my 3 closest friends... But...if i was like that i wouldn't have ANY friends. And im here to say, im not like that and never will be. So you might not agree with who i let and have in my life is what it is and i am happy. I take the bad with the good. Everyone isn't perfect and the faster you learn that concept the happier you'll be in life :)

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