Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 14!

A hero that has let you down.....

Well when i was a baby..i was OBSESSED with the movie the littler mermaid. i learned how to work the VCR (haha wow whats a vcr? haha) at 18 months because of that movie. I had Ariel everything and was wearing or holding some sort of Ariel in my second or third birthday picture. Well when littler mermaid 2 came out ill admit it...i was very disappointed. No sequel can ever be as good as the little mermaid ONE.

haha so im just kidding about the Ariel thing i just decided to type that as i brain stormed my real answer
its a true story though :)

I think that with a "HERO" we hold such high expectations that we set ourselves up for let down.
No one is perfect,
so there is bound to be a screw up right?

So i mean i guess i can think of a few small incidences but the biggest one that keeps coming to mind is my husband. (dang this 30 day challenge). This has already came up in this challenge but yea, it fits the best for this day. So yea if you didnt read the other time i talked about this, in a nut shell, due to stress, depression, and a new baby, jeff left me when braylee was 2 months old for about 3 ish months.

Jeff was supposed to be my knight and shinning armor, my hero, my prince. And so when i he left i was let down more than you can imagine.

But anyway enough of that...all that matters as that he now is more of a knight and shinning armor, hero, and prince i could ever have and more than he has ever been in all our 5 years! things are so amazing right now. I can honestly say im the happiest i have ever been (body image set aside) haha.

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