Tuesday, October 26, 2010

::pUmPkIn CaRvInG!::

So on Sunday evening we went over to Nick and Felicia's house to carve pumpkins! Jeff was super excited cuz he hadn't seen Nick in a while lol. He was like a 6 yeard old little boy happy to go see his FREN! haha. I swear im raising 2 children here.

Anyways. here are some pics!

Jeff, Nick, and Fee

 Rylee (fee's girl) and Braylee (my girl)

 she wasn't diggin the pumpkin guts

 Braylee loved it haha
 and ate it haha
bray and daddy

 yay us! fee's pumpkin, jeff's, and mine!
 Me and my RY RY
 woooooo! my ghosts and jeff's skull
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